Go Goa

The Tourist-Friendly Award Winning Roll & Write Game!

If you wish to travel and you cannot, you can always play Go Goa. 

The game has been designed to bring the fun & beauty of Goa, the beautiful yet tiny state of India, to board games.

Are you eager to visit the tourist spots in Goa, the beautiful yet tiny state in India?

Now you can enjoy the beauty of Goa in this Roll & Write game.


In Go Goa, you have 12 days to tour the state, collecting souvenirs from different tourist destinations. On each day, you select three dice to decide the direction, distance, and deviation in the route that you will travel and then trace a route to your new destination.

How to Play

Goa is a place known for its relaxed yet fun lifestyle. This roll & write game will give you the same feeling. The rules are simple:

1. Roll 3 Dice
2. The Starting Player reserves 1 Die for the direction that only they can use.
3. All other players use the Dice to determine the direction to travel in, the number of steps, and the deviations they are allowed to take.
4. If you end in a Tourist Destination you score points.

Will you employ a master strategy, or will you let the dice control your plans?

Go Goa Game Components

Gameplay Video


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