Samachar : Card Game

Samachar – a light strategy card drafting game. Launched at MeepleCon, India 2023. It was an instant hit with the participants.

Take on the role of a Newspaper Publishing company and play against your friends to be the best Newspaper Company in India.

Game Designer: Deepak Muraleedharan

Artist: Anand Vishnu

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There are more than 240 million copies of daily newspapers in India. This makes India the second-largest market for newspapers in the world.

In Samachar, meaning “News”, players take on the role of Newspaper Publishing companies. You can compete with 5 other players in this light-strategy card game.

You draft cards and choose to use the same cards as either News Articles or Employees.

You can choose to publish various types of News Editions: Daily, Movie, Sports, Regional, World or Current.

Be the first to publish the most number and types of News Editions and win.

Game Details

Ages: 14+ | Players: 2 – 6 | Playing Time: 20 – 30 mins


  1. Cards – 106

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The rules are available here.

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