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Common Types of Board Games for Your Pleasure

While online and video gaming are a popular form of entertainment, board games are making a comeback. Board games allow you to socialize while having a little fun with your friends and family. While we all tend to lump all these games into one category, several types of these games are available to play.

Let’s take a look at some of the common types of Board Games.

What are Board Games?

While there is no universally accepted definition, we would like to describe board games as game in which the board plays a central role. Players take turns to place pieces on a certain area of the board. Cards are also used in board games and are not exclusive.

Board games are typically slower-paced than card games because players take turns placing pieces and revealing cards to achieve victory.

As per some studies, board games also enable people to experience the social aspect more without focusing on winning, like with card games.

Some good examples of board games would be ‘Snakes & Ladders‘. If you are looking for modern board games then the names such as Terraforming Mars, Brass Birmingham, Scythe are synonymous with modern board games.


What are Card Games?

Cards are pieces of paper with symbols that represent different actions, skills, and other information. While we all have seen a typical deck of cards, there are also game-specific cards that can be used to play a certain game.

Card games can be enjoyed with friends, but they can also be enjoyed alone, unlike some of the other games mentioned here. They are typically very basic, with basic commands or things to do with each card. There are rules to follow and decisions to be made. In a card game, players take turns to or simultaneously reveal cards from their hand or deck and then do an action with those cards according to the rules of the game.

Few good examples of modern card games would be Sushi Go, and Friday.


What are Roll & Write Games?

There are many versions of a roll and write, but the idea is that you always have dice, and typically the number will tell you to write down on a scoresheet or pad. Roll & Write games can be played as solo games or multiplayer games. The objective is to take turns rolling a die, and taking corresponding action.

There are many differences between Roll & Write Games Vs. Card Games. Roll & Write Games allow you to roll dice, write, and draw cards in a variety of different games. Card games, on the other hand, do not typically involve dice.

Some of the more famous Roll & Write Games include Welcome To, Cartographers, and Qwinto.

We are publishing our own Roll & Write game, called Go Goa.

If you like a more detailed explanation, read our article on the best roll and write games.


What are Eurogames?

Eurogames are a type of board game from Europe. Note that not all games that originated in Europe are called Eurogames.

At their best, Eurogames offer players an experience that is satisfying on both a strategic and emotional level. The games are characterized by limited player interaction. Each player has to worry about their own objectives and does not have to be challenged by another player.

Most Eurogames involve some sort of empire, or engine building. The games have limited chance or luck. In fact, there are very few times that dice are used.


What are Amerigames?

Amerigames is the American version of Eurogames. They are also known as Ameritrash games, which sounds bad, but wasn’t meant to. They are very similar to the Eurogames but seem to be a little less complex. Again, it is more a game of strategy than luck. However, you will see more dice and chances in Amerigames than you would in Eurogames.

These games typically have sides that are working together against an opposing side. Amerigames typically have roles and characters, and randomness is embraced more, such as dice and cards, than you find in Eurogames. With Amerigames, tactics are rewarded over strategy.


What are Party Games?

Party games are considered one of the most popular games in the world. They are fun and entertaining for everyone to play. They are great for getting everyone involved and typically are not complex or involve too much thinking.

Some party games are easy to learn, while others require a lot of practice. The main objective of any party game is to have a fun time and entertain your guests.

Party games can be played with people you know or people you don’t know, so choosing a game that suits the group size is important. A good party game should also be easy enough for all players to understand and participate in so that everyone can have an equal chance at winning!

They are typically used to break the ice or get everyone in on having a little lighthearted fun.


Choosing Your Games

When it comes to choosing which game will work best for you, you should take the time to analyze the type of people that you are having over. Some people might enjoy an Amerigame or Eurogame. However, they are much more intense than, say, a card game or roll and write games.

The size of the group is also something to consider as well as the amount of time you all have together. A roll and write game, card, or board game can take less time than, say, an American or Eurogame as well.

While we have covered many different styles of games, you should take some time to try playing the different ones and see what you like best. Exploring various board, card, and dice games can be a lot of fun. Mix it up and try the different ones, maybe you’ll find something you love.

They are a great source of entertainment when you are looking for something affordable and fun. The next time you are having some friends over or friends, suggest going out for entertainment, pull out one of these types of games for hours of fun.

If you are looking for the most popular board games in India, you should check our article.

Thank you for reading our article on the different types of board games. We hope you found it useful. Let us know in the comments section, if you would like to know more.

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